Thursday, May 10, 2012

The predictable and predicted fall of SWTOR

I used to doomcast this game because, in my opinion, the cool story bits were not enough to hide the outdated "everything else", or "feels like wow with less fun". And I was concerned about longevity, as I couldn't see the sticky in it once once you are done with a couple of stories. Replaying the game with the other faction works, but to stomach the PvE all over again just to see a few different cutscenes for another class is a thing for devoted ones only (and it seems there's less of them than Bioware anticipated).

I used to say that he game would have been OK... with no subscription fee. That the kind and amount of content, tacked to an outdated WoW clone, was going to have the lifetime of your typical single-player Bioware game. A couple of months.

Turns out I was right on everything, except one thing: I am one of the very few who is still paying, and playing, after 5 months. That's weird I know, and it's all due to the fast-paced PvP action and some real life friends that are in it with me. I dislike everything about this game except the "action" part of PvP combat (when you are not perma-CrowdControlled) so regardless of its shortcomings I've been able to get a lot of fun out of it, and until GW2 releases I was happy to keep paying for it. It's my "daily shooter", we treat it kind of like a Team Fortress or a DOTA. We just fire it up, we have some fun, and that's all we ask. A glorified, dumbed down, multiplayer team based game. But that's fine.

You know where's the irony? That I'll have to stop playing very soon since no one else wants to pay for this anymore.
My server, which used to be the second most crowded in EU (outside of French and German community ones) is down to a whopping maximum of 15 people in fleet during peak hours. It's about 3 or 4 during the day. If that isn't a dead server on a dead game I don't know what it.

Like many other here, I wanted to like the game. That's why I bought it right away despite the negative impressions. Patches can happen, right?
It was simply impossible. Irritating from day one for countless stupid choices and disappointing technical limitations, it failed to ever turn the boat around, and the butchering of every possible PvP aspect (PvP is supposedly self-generating content) pretty much falls in line with the lack of things to do when you are a PvE player at 50.

So the same question I asked before launch happens to come back hauntingly: [size=6pt]With all the decent free to play DIKUs and WoW clones out there, and with the Mass Effect saga already out, why should people pay a sub for this?


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